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Induction Surface Treatment

Surface treatment refers to heating various metals for operations such as degreasing pickling and drying, galvanizing and tinning, curing paints, varnishes and pacification, annealing, plating, and more. Applications in this area include: setting off tie cans, the polymerization of aerosol tube inner varnish, curing seals, the polymerization of varnish on copper wires and flats, and rilsan coating steel wires, fabric, or sheets.

When induction heating technology is used, heat is transferred to the outer coating from the inside out, which is ideal for drying and curing operations since it allows solvents and vapors to escape. This induction heating method therefore provides:

  • Better adherence to the substance applied to the metal
  • Higher quality surface appearance
  • Excellent reproducibility, which is important when drying colored paints
  • Highly flexible operation via the selection of treatment temperatures
  • A more compact treatment system that may be operated discontinuously, without the presence of thermic inertia
  • Instant heat on/off capability controls thermal pollution in the working environment