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Induction Heating for Semi-Solid Forming

Semi-solid forming consists of injecting a metal under high pressure and heated until it attains a semi-solid/semi-liquid state. Operating in this temperature range, the method makes full use of the thixotropic properties of the metal and improves the quality of the finished part. Induction heating is the ideal method for this application in respect to its rapidity, repeatability, and the homogeneity of temperature obtained thanks to individual re-heating. CELES, our strategic partner, has designed and manufactured an ingot transfer system right up to the injection chamber (patented process). This process is suitable for use with all thyrotrophic alloys and in particular with magnesium, which may be treated without the need for special safety measures. Benefits include:

  • Elimination of porosity in molded parts (turbulence is eliminated)
  • Adaptable to all types of injection molding machines
  • Transfer of ingots in a horizontal position without distortion and material wastage
  • Energy savings, since it’s sufficient to heat instead of melting
  • Rapid heating
  • Net shape forming