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Quench Systems

Electroheat offers a number of high quality quenching and cooling systems to meet your induction heating operations’ specifications.

  • Dunk Quenching
  • Integral Quenching
  • Chiller Recirculating Units
  • Plate Type Recirculating Units

Dunk Quenching

Dunk Quenching

These units are designed specifically for dunk quenching operations following oven heating or induction heating processes. Electroheat Technologies offers a range of dunk quenching tanks for water with or without additives or oil solutions. These tanks use well proven stirring or agitation methods with propeller pumps and a temperature control system.

Integral Quenching

Self-contained quench systems are designed with a holding tank, a high pressure pump, a filter, and a water-to-water or water-to-air heat exchanger system. These units are used primarily with heat treating applications.

Chiller Recirculating Units

Chiller Recirculating Units

In cases where plant water is not available, or when it’s not practical to use a water-to-air heat exchanger system, a chiller may be used to maintain the proper cooling temperature under very controlled conditions. The system is a closed-loop design that uses non-ferrous materials.

Plate Type Recirculating Units

These single block units consist of a water-to-water, plate heat exchanger, an electric pump, a temperature control system, and an expansion tank. Together, once the material is cooled, they enable the creation of a closed loop circuit made of non-ferrous material filled with pure water (demineralizesed, deionsed, distilled, for example) or fluids.