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Electroheat Accessories

Electroheat provides induction heating equipment to all markets based on the latest power supply technology utilizing IGBT and CMOS devices. Significant advances in the power drive industry have generated new, faster, and more efficient devices. These new advances have a direct impact on the induction heating industry. Electroheat has benefited from these new technological advances by using them in the latest, power supply product line.

One of the latest induction heating equipment products available to the induction heating industry is a high frequency power supply with variable frequency capability, which allows you to select the right frequency for your induction heating application. This feature is useful for gear and sprocket hardening (and other parts having complex geometries) where frequency selection is needed to obtain uniform surface heating and short processing times.

Complete induction heating equipment systems that incorporate these new power supplies are designed and manufactured in-house to assure optimum induction heating design consideration and quality control. Systems vary from simple manual load and unload systems to fully automated systems using dedicated part handling or integrated robotic units.

Many induction heating applications can be handled well within the range of our standard, previously engineered, induction heating systems. Other times desired applications may require a new concept to meet your specific requirements. Whatever induction heating equipment is mutually agreed to be the best suited for your application, from heat sealing to shrink fitting and more, it will be thoroughly researched and reviewed with you before proceeding with the machine engineering design activities.

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Induction Heating Tooling

Electroheat provides complete induction-tooling design, manufacturing, testing and repair services to meet all of your induction heating requirements.

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Induction Heating Spare Parts

Electroheat offers a full line of spare parts for a wide variety of induction heating systems. Need a new part? Call Electroheat.

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Quench Systems

Electroheat offers a number of high quality quenching and cooling systems to meet your induction heating operations’ specifications.

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