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Induction Hardening

One of the principal uses of induction heating is in the induction hardening of steel parts, particularly where only localized surfaces require treatment. Using induction heating equipment for heat treatment allows both the surface and core to be treated, and a wide range of induction heating equipment options are available. Heat treating is most commonly used for gear hardening and camshaft hardening. An Automated induction hardening machine produces 1 part every 1.2 seconds. Learn more about induction hardening and heat treating.

The selectivity and speed of induction heating equipment combined with effective power transfer allows for more conservative use of energy in the heat treating process. In addition to the considerable advantage of reduced energy and associated costs in using induction heating equipment, the following are realized:

  • Relatively inexpensive steels can be used
  • There’s only a small degree of part distortion after heat treating
  • High production rate in cell or inline configuration
  • Easy integration into existing production manufacturing line
  • High repeatability for assurance of quality control
  • Minimal to no surface oxidation
  • Lower work-in-process requirements when compared to furnace heat treating
  • Can be used for the Accelerated Austenitizing™ process

Learn more about induction hardening and heat treating.

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