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High-Flux Induction Heating for Metal Product Manufacturing and Processing

Until recently induction heating was rarely used for re-heating metals in mass production applications. This was due to the low efficiency of energy transfer to the metals during the non-magnetic heating phase. New experience with high-intensity magnetic fields that are generated by low-loss conductive composition multi-layer windings has enabled the development of a new high-flux magnetic induction heating technology (CELINE) which represents a technological leap forward with respect to the current industry processing techniques. This new technology features:

  • Power densities in the range of 4 to 6 MW/m—up to 6 times that of conventional inductors
  • Electrical efficiency of 85% above the curie point instead of the usual 50 to 60% realized by conventional inductors. This represents substantial savings in energy costs
  • Much smaller floor space requirements than conventional induction or furnace heating equipment
  • Robust thermal and mechanical protection devices designed to reduce maintenance costs when operating under extreme conditions

The CELINE inductor is well suited for re-heating round or square billets, tubes, slabs, and more. It may be used to treat all types of steel in the non-magnetic phase, including copper or copper alloys, aluminum or aluminum alloys. In the steel industry, for example, the CELINE inductor offers a modern and efficient method of re-heating before breaking-down or between the stands of the finishing line. It may be used as a booster for an existing furnace in order to increase production and optimize energy consumption.