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Induction Tooling Design

Electroheat provides complete induction-tooling design, manufacturing, testing and repair services to meet all of your induction heating requirements, including:

  • New tooling design
  • Complete induction coil and inductor manufacturing
  • Induction coil inspection and repair services
  • Full testing

Induction tooling is designed with integral quench to allow rapid cooling, which creates optimum hardened structures. 

Here are a few examples of completed Electroheat tooling designs:

This is a new inductor on large pipe section for an induction annealing application. Induction heating coils for high frequency induction heating can be made in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. Their design usually is governed by the nature of the component to be heated and by the type of generator used.
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The static heating inductor with full flux concentrators maximizes efficiency and improves the processing production rate for induction heating of gears.

This is a new inductor on large pipe section for an induction annealing application.

This tube weld annealing inductor was designed for onsite oil well deep hole injection.

A non-encircling design brazing inductor designed for induction brazing applications.

This set of inductors was used for the induction hardening of compressor crankshafts.