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Spare Parts

Induction Heating Spare Part

Electroheat offers a full line of spare parts for a wide variety of induction heating systems. Need a new part? Call Electroheat.

Electroheat also provides the Data-View signature monitor; a complete induction heating quality control monitor. This new next generation system is a PLC based quality control monitoring system specifically designed to be an induction heating process monitor. 

Data-View will monitor the most critical parameters of the heat treating process: volts/amps/kilowatts, quench flow, quench temp, and part rotation if required. This process monitor contains electronics that allow the user to connect directly to the induction heating coil. Tests have proven that gathering the signal at the coil provides the most accurate data for a signature monitor.

The Data-View signature monitor can learn and store numerous different signatures in its memory. If different signatures exist for the same part, they may be joined together and evaluated as a group. Once this process monitor has “learned” a signature, it’s shown graphically and the data is logged to the file name. The data includes the part number, part pass/fail status, quench flow, quench temp, rotation, time, date, and all other signature intervals. The high-speed control on the signature monitor will then compare the acceptable learned signature against the signature of every part processed. Each part must pass your specific criteria in order to be accepted, thus 100% verification of part quality is obtained.

The total electrical content of the signature for every part is calculated by the signature monitor to provide useful quality control information. When interfaced with the optional printer, this information can be printed along with the status of each part. This provides an excellent way of retaining a permanent record of the induction heating process for each part.

The Data-View coil signature monitor was designed to be compatible with solid state power supplies with single or multiple work stations. It’s also a perfect process monitor for upgrading a radio frequency or motor generator induction heating system while improving quality control.

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