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About Electroheat Technologies

As an industry-leading induction heating company, Electroheat Technologies possesses a wide range of induction heating equipment and processes knowledge. The company can meet all of your induction heating equipment requirements, from initial application conceptualization through induction coil tooling design, laboratory development, metallurgical analysis, prototype processing, machine design, induction heating equipment manufacture and full after sales service support.

The equipment shown above is a fully automated induction hardening machine that produces 1 part every second.

Electroheat is also a distributor and service support provider for Fives CELES (a unit of GROUPE FIVES-LILLE), a European manufacturer of induction heating equipment. We can provide our customers with coordinated induction heating equipment and technical support for Fives CELES power supply systems.

Electroheat has a dedicated staff of engineers, manufacturing resources, and service personnel to make your induction heating experience successful, enjoyable, and rewarding.

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